My name is Art Rondeau.  I am a shooting coach and a Peak Performance Coach (PPC).  The PPC work is like a supercharged sports psychology, although I’m no psychologist.  Customizing a program for an elite athlete using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) blended with a lot of other “new age” technologies, I’m able to help athletes break out of slumps in one or two sessions and access their “mental zones” whenever they compete.

Client successes include elite athletes in the NBA, WTA, LPGA, NCAA (D-1 and D-3 basketball), World Cup skiing, and US National Team fencing.

This blog will deal with (almost) all things Knicks and the NBA, including my results with Knicks players.  That includes:

1.  Details of my work with Allan Houston (Peak Performance Coaching program) and Chris Dudley (free throw shooting program) during the ’98-’99 and ’99-’00 seasons

2.  Proof of how successful that work was and how some of it contributed to the Knicks’ success during both those seasons 

3.  Trends I’ve identified that the current team can make use of and ways that they can do so.

I look forward to your questions and comments.  Please keep them clean and relatively sane.  Thanks.

Note: additonal details, client info, and media and player quotes can be found on my website, www.artrondeau.com (yes, it needs to be updated).

Follow me on Twitter: @ArtRondeau

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