My NBA/NCAA Free Throw Program Clients’ / Media Quotes

Here are some of my NBA/NCAA Free Throw program clients’ and media quotes. 

ESPN Television (2/18/99)

“Last year, (SDSU’s) Matt Watts was a 40% free throw shooter…He’s now hit 25 out of 28 in WAC play, so the influence of Art Rondeau has done him a lot of good.” – Bob Carpenter, play-by-play announcer, ESPN’s Big Monday (#17 New Mexico @ San Diego State).

Bergen (NJ) Record (3/19/99)

“Chris Dudley, who once missed 19 free throws in a row, made 4-of-4 in Thursday’s 86-78 loss to the Magic to extend his made streak to nine.  Having worked with another shooting coach, Art Rondeau, during the summer, Dudley is shooting without a hitch in his stroke and says he feels good.  “I feel confident up there.  I feel comfortable.

Chris Dudley (Former New York Knick) (to NY Times Blogger (3/2013))

“One thing Art did a good job of was instilling in me that not everyone is built the same, that we all have different biomechanics.  I had shoulder problems, which meant that the textbook jump shot was always harder for me.  But Art taught me to work around that, to use my natural shooting motion and trust in that.”

Dickey Simpkins (Former Chicago Bull and Providence College Friar) (to NY Times Blogger (3/2013))

“With Art, there was the mechanical part, but there was also the mental visualization part, and that part of it had never been introduced to me before that.  Art helped me slow the process down, made me take deep breaths, made the mechanics go a little better – more consistent and more precise.”

Pawtucket (RI) Times (12/17/02)

“Rondeau had developed a reputation for helping out free throw shooters after turning (Rhode Island College’s Troy) Smith from a 59 percent to an 80 percent foul shooter in about two weeks, then helping (Providence College’s Dickey) Simpkins and (Michael) Smith improve their shooting from the charity stripe to about 75 percent, including key shots in upsets over Boston College and Georgetown in 1993.  [The] PC Coach…wrote Rondeau a glowing letter of recommendation at the time.”


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