Knicks fans must be rocket scientists to help team win

With the Knicks down 3-0 against the Miami Heat, today’s game is “must win”.  If the depleted Knicks are going to beat the well-stocked Heat, they need a lot of things to go right.  There’s a way that the Knicks fans, at the Garden and on Twitter, can help.

We often hear “it isn’t rocket science”.  But helping the Knicks today actually is.  Werner Heisenberg was a great physicist in the early-to-mid 1900s.  A lot of his work was used in “rocket science” and some in quantum mechanics. 

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle roughly translates to “when you measure something, you change the thing that you’re measuring”.  An easy example is that if you put a thermometer into a glass of water, you don’t get the temperature of the water.  You get the temperature of the water after it’s adjusted for the temperature of the thermometer.

Watching a game is “measuring” it.  So is writing about it for the newspapers and blogs.  Trust me, the results of most games would be somewhat different if the game was played with no one watching and then the results reported after the fact.

Here’s where Knicks fans come in: it’s been proven that blood chemistry changes for different emotions.  And it’s well known that athletes play better when they feel certain emotions and play worse when they feel others.

Being booed, justified or not, makes players feel badly.  That translates to bad blood chemistry and a worse performance. 

At the same time, being cheered makes players feel great.  That translates to good blood chemistry and a better performance.

Fans have a right to feel unhappy that things are where they are with the Knicks right now.  And if the fans at the Garden can put that unhappiness aside and cheer the team on, even when they mess up, there’s a much better chance of game 5 taking place in a couple of days.

How can fans on Twitter and not at the Garden help?  Keep your tweets positive until the end of the game.  Fans inside the Garden read your Tweets real time.  If we’re asking them to stay positive, let’s help them out by not giving them a lot of negative stuff to deal with at the same time.

Let’s face it, there will be a lot of negativity printed, blogged, and tweeted during the off season.  But if we’re willing to be rocket scientists for just a couple of hours right now, maybe the off season won’t start for the Knicks as early as it otherwise might.


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