Knicks $1 Short in Quarter 3

During their six game losing streak, the Knicks have shown a trend that they need to break immediately.  In 5 of those 6 games, the 3rd quarter was their lowest scoring quarter.  After halftime, when they’ve rested, recharged, rehydrated, and revised their game plan, they really don’t score a lot of points.

This needs to be fixed ASAP.  Whether they’re drinking the wrong Gatorade, listening to a less-than-inspiring oration, leaving the locker room with an easily thwarted game plan (including being predictable – doing the same thing as in the 1st half or always doing the same thing to start out the 2nd), or watching episodes of The Walking Dead, something is causing their 3rd quarter scoring drought.

It’s not like they’re scoring 150 PPG and the 3rd quarter is coming in light with just 35 points scored.  Here are the 3rd quarter points for the past 6 games:

14 – 18 – 24 – 19 – 16 – 18

How many points did they lose by in these six games?

11 – 12 – 9 – 3 – 14 – 5 (in OT)

So if they scored 23 in the 3rd quarter against Phoenix (game 4 above), the Knicks would have won.  Worse, if they scored 19 in the 3rd quarter against Denver (game 6 above), the Knicks would have won in regulation.

As I wind this up, it’s hard to propose a solution.  We’re not in the locker room and we don’t know what’s causing the problem.  So a worthwhile solution here would be a lucky guess. 

It’s up to the coaches, players, and staff to take a look and figure it out.  They need to do it now.  The Knicks aren’t scoring well enough to spot the other team 8-10 points a game.  Maybe tonight will be the night they break their 3rd quarter scoring “streak”.  We can only hope.


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