“Twas the Night Before Tipoff”

Twas the night before tipoff and throughout the League
All the players were dealing with short camp fatigue;
The unis were hung in their lockers with care;
They had better be – big faux pas to play ‘bare’

Fan-atics were anxious, at least so they said
To see how many players dropped Jordans for Keds;
While Ma-ma in her jersey and I in my cap
Looked forward to hoops – no more CBA crap

When onto my timeline, the one that’s on Twitter
Were some fans’ b-ball tweets and one from a half-witter
They all made good sense, well except for the crank
The Twitter half-witter?  Just some guy named ‘Frank’

Some noise from my street; To the window I flew
Will I finally see Santa?  “He’s real” I just knew
Saw a man dressed in red – did I just get my wish?
I never knew Santa looked like the Commish!

Drove an apple red Porsche; I said “Your ride looks sweet.
Was it all bought and paid for by Arison’s Tweet?”
He said “That might be.  He got fined lots of loot.
‘Nuf to buy the red Porsche and my nifty red suit!”

“So what did you bring?” I asked Santa-Commish
“I tried to be good.  Will you grant me my wish?”
“Good, bad, or indifferent – you all get to see
An NBA season.  Game one – TNT”

He whistled and shouted and called them by names
“On Christmas we’re showing 5 back-to-back games.
There’s Boston at New York; Miami at Mavs.
All big market teams, unlike T-wolves or Cavs”

“Game 3 is Bulls-Lakers and to end our day –
The Warriors host other team from L.A.”
“But what about Game 4?”  I asked anxiously
“Will you tell me the teams I can watch on TV?”

‘Game 4 came about because someone was naughty.
Coach said “Don’t play Christmas” and said it quite haughty.
But we’re a free country, so Coach had his say.
Now mine’s “Magic on Christmas play Thunder – away”‘

He then jumped in the car, turned the shiny new key
“Like ‘Twilight Zone’ we now control your TV”
He then drove away and said “Lots more to do.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a “How U?’ “


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