Allan Houston’s Results and Milestones on My Program

As you were able to read in the NY Post article in my prior post, Allan acknowledged significant benefits from working with me during the ’98-’99 and ’99-’00 seasons.  We customized a Peak Performance Coaching (PPC) program for him where we identified how his brain represented his “mental zone” and then put him there for many games during those seasons (just one in ’98-’99 and thirty in ’99-’00).

Allan’s milestones during those seasons were:

1.  Made first NBA All-Star team (’99-’00)
2.  Best first half season in his career (’99-’00)
3.  Career-best FG% (’99-’00)
4.  Career-best 3Pt% (’99-’00)
5.  Tied career-best PPG (’99-’00) (eventually surpassed in ’02-’03)
6.  30-point (58.8%) performance in a 5-point win over the Charlotte Hornets became a highlight on his NBA player page (’98-’99)

His statistics on and off the program prior to the ’99-’00 NBA All-Star game provide outstanding proof of how PPC helped Allan play his best:

On/Off Pgm    Gms    PPP     eFG%     TS%        FG%   3Pt%     PPG     Team Record

Off Pgm            23     0.87     44.6%     49.2%      40%     38%     17.2       12-11 (52%)

On Pgm           24     1.17     61.6%     65.6%      57%     53%     24.5       17-7   (71%)

The Knicks’ higher winning percentage when Allan was on the program enabled Head Coach Jeff Van Gundy and his staff to be selected to coach the 2000 Eastern Conference All-Star team.  The Knicks’ were one game ahead of the next eligible coach.

Allan’s Media Quotes:

– “This has helped me a lot more than I thought.  I went through a time when Art and I didn’t really communicate or talk and I got back with him and it really helped.  My honest feeling is that all you can do is prepare yourself mentally and physically.  The way I look at it, God is going to have his way with you but Art has had a lot to do with it.  He just helped me to be able to stay focused.  For me to be as successful as I have been I almost had to shoot 50 percent for the way this team is and the way I get shots…He really had a lot to do with that.”
(To New York Post – April, 2000)

– “Basically what he’s helped me do is keep from getting out of my rhythm, helped me stay in focus…What it does is it gets the brain to transfer the memory of the way you shot when you were shooting well.  It helps the brain click your body into that quicker than you normally would.  Gets you into a zone…”  (To Bergen Record – March, 2000)


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